Bio and education

I have an M.Sc. in Computer Science and I am a tenure Computer Science teacher in Secondary School in Rome. On Sep 2022, I passed the application for a PhD in Data Science at Sapienza, University of Rome. On Nov 2022, I got a pause as a teacher and started as a full-time PhD candidate.


  • Master of Science (M.Sc.). Thesis: “Platform for an Open, tele Operated, Mobile, Monitoring, AI and Robotics”. University of Napoli Federico II - 2015

  • First-level Professional Master’s Program “New teaching methods for a Good School”. Thesis:“New frontiers of educational tools: from IWB to STEM Robotics”. University of Giustino Fortunato 2016-2017

  • First-level Professional Master’s Program “Teaching, teacher function and school in- clusion of students with special educational needs”. Thesis:“Artificial Intelligence and Autism”. University of Ecampus 2017-2018

  • First-level Professional Master’s Program “Educational innovation, digital skills and new learning environments”. Thesis:“The future of School: Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality”. University of Giustino Fortunato 2018-2019

Certifications and schools

  • Mediterranean Machine Learning Summer School, selected for the 2023 Edition.
  • Mediterranean Machine Learning Summer School , 2022 Edition.
  • Deep Learning Specialization with Andrew Ng. Verify.
  • Machine Learning by Stanford on Coursera. Verify.
  • Understanding Machine Learning with Python by Jerry Kurata on Pluralsight.
  • Taming Big Data with Apache Spark and Python Hands On by Sundog Education.
  • Matlab Onramp by Matlab.
  • Build virtual reality games for Google Cardboard using Unity by Dinesh Tavasalker.