My garden
I have cultivate my big garden in the south of Italy for about 20 years.

Strelitzia reginae point of view


Opposite point of view


My coastal dune
I have been a president of an environmental association for protecting a coastal dune in southern Italy. Thanks to the help of many volunteers and through raising public awareness, we allowed the regrowth of several km of coastal dunes on the northern coast of the Campania region in southern Italy, which had been lost. Before our interest, the local community used bulldozers to clean up what was believed to be scrub. In the following photos, only a tiny part of the wonder has grown again in the last fifteen years. Now, numerous protected plant species have returned to thrive. However, sand erosion is naturally fought thanks to plants. Also, endangered bird species have returned to nest (such as the Charadrius alexandrinus).

Dune 2 Dune 3 Dune 4 Dune 6 Dune 4 Dune 6