Macrophylla. I proudly wear the hats of guitarist, singer, and songwriter within the enchanting realm of Macrophylla, a music project that draws inspiration from the wonders of nature, the soothing rhythms of the sea, the vibrant hues of my garden, and the myriad positive vibrations emanating from the great mother earth. My musical journey is a celebration of the interconnectedness between artistic expression and the beauty that surrounds us. Each chord, lyric, and melody is a heartfelt ode to the elements that resonate with the soul. For more glimpses into the world of Macrophylla and the creative process, feel free to connect with me on my Instagram profile. Your engagement and support are greatly appreciated!

Jazz Manouche. Immersing myself in the timeless melodies of the master maestro Django Reinhardt is a source of both joy and inspiration. His unparalleled virtuosity is a constant beacon, leading me to occasionally attempt the intricate brilliance of his classic compositions like “Minor Swing,” “Les Yeux Noir,” and the ethereal “Nuages,” among the myriad other extraordinary pieces that define his musical legacy. Django Reinhardt’s narrative transcends the boundaries of music; it is a profound tale of diversity and indomitable willpower. Born into a world that often marginalized him due to his Romani heritage and a tragic accident that severely limited the use of two fingers, Reinhardt defied these odds. His journey is an emblem of resilience and a shining example across all facets of life. In the face of adversity, Django Reinhardt mastered his craft and elevated it to unprecedented heights, revolutionizing the world of jazz guitar. His legacy is a testament to the boundless potential within each individual, showcasing the transformative power of passion, perseverance, and the unwavering pursuit of one’s dreams. As we delve into the enchanting notes of his compositions, let us also celebrate the extraordinary story of Django Reinhardt—an enduring inspiration for all, transcending the boundaries of music and resonating with the universal human spirit.