Other projects

Poommarobot. I spearheaded the development and implementation of an innovative platform for a remote-controlled social robot called Poommarobot. This platform integrates autonomous behaviours, leveraging the capabilities of Android smartphones. I have received accolades for the best innovation in recognition of this groundbreaking work. Furthermore, I have actively participated in various innovation talks and meetings, contributing as a distinguished panellist and keynote speaker.

Cyber Garden. I am currently engaged in the development of an innovative system designed to understand and care for both ornamental and food plants. Beyond the challenges associated with species recognition, we are addressing tasks such as facilitating harvesting, optimizing weed spraying, monitoring diseases and pests, and even picking vegetables and fruit. The core idea involves constructing cost-effective robots (utilizing smartphones) capable of learning by carefully observing gardeners or farmers. This initiative aims to extend its reach to the most economically disadvantaged areas globally, where smartphones are prevalent. I am actively working on this project with the ultimate dream of creating an AI-based system that uniquely interconnects us with plants and fungi. Emphasizing the necessity for humans to comprehend plants for true sustainability on this planet, Deep Learning can assist us in uncovering the intrinsic features that characterize these living organisms. The Cybergarden is my mad scientist creature.

Sonic Health Insight. Envisioning a groundbreaking project, my aspiration lies in leveraging deep learning to unveil latent features within audio recordings of human speech, aiming to decode valuable health insights. By tapping into the intricate nuances of spoken communication, the objective is to extract subtle indicators of an individual’s well-being. This innovative endeavour exemplifies my creative approach to problem-solving and underscores a commitment to pioneering solutions at the intersection of technology and healthcare. My vision encompasses the development of an advanced system that can discern and interpret health-related information from the tonalities and patterns embedded in human speech. This ambitious venture reflects a fusion of my passion for cutting-edge technology, commitment to promoting well-being, and dedication to approaching challenges with a meticulous and professional mindset. In the uncharted territory of health-focused audio analytics, I am poised to embark on a journey where creativity meets precision, envisioning a project that has the potential to redefine our understanding of health assessment through the power of deep learning.

Big Data advanced analytics applications. I led the development and successful implementation of cutting-edge Advanced Analytics software solutions for a prominent IT enterprise. Specializing in processing data generated by industrial machinery, our approach centres on distributed architectures, seamlessly integrating microservices, IoT, and big data technologies. Collaborating within a dynamic team of two, we met and exceeded expectations by delivering a comprehensive pipeline on schedule. This transformative solution not only unlocked value from data but also resulted in significant time savings and a considerable boost in sales for our esteemed client.