Other projects

I developed and implemented a new platform for a remote-controlled social robot called Poommarobot, with autonomous behaviors, based on Android smartphones.

Received awards for best innovation, and participated in innovation conferences as a panelist or keynote speaker:

Big Data advanced analytics applications
I developed and implemented new Advanced Analytics software solutions for a big IT company dedicated to processing data produced by industrial machinery through distributed architectures based on microservices, IoT, and Big Data technologies. In a team of two, we built an entire pipeline on time, allowing value from data, time saved, and increased sales for the customer.

Cyber Garden
I plan to build a system to understand and take care of ornamental and food plants. There are many challenges besides species recognition: helping with the harvest, optimization of weeding spraying, monitoring of disease/pests, vegetables and fruit picking, etc. The idea is to build very cheap robots (smartphone-based) capable of learning from the observation of the gardener/farmer. In the poorest areas of the world, everyone has a smartphone.